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Kikoy Skirts » Malimali skirt
Malimali is a 2 tone skirt, made out of 100 percent light cotton material.

Very stylish and much adorable skirt. Can be worn with blouse, Kikoy shirt or any T-shirt to go with.

Simply put, totally perfect for daytime viewing, and comfortable to make nightly appearance.

Malimali dress is available in different size and colours.
A A Shakir Malindi
Product No.: C001A
  A A Shakir Malindi
Product No.: C001B
A A Shakir Kikoys Malimali skirt: C001
A A Shakir Kikoys Long wrap skirt: C002
A A Shakir Kikoys Mini wrap skirt: C003
A A Shakir Kikoys Mini skirt: C004
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